Top 5 Things Guys Look Sexy Wearing — According To The Ladies

When it comes to dating, women will tell you the most important part is how a guy makes them “feel.” 

But don’t let these ladies fool you — any girl who obsesses over her outfit is bound to care just as much about yours. 

So to help you impress your crush, the Aetos Team went straight to the source and interviewed girls to find out what you can wear to look 2x as attractive!

Here’s what they said...

1. Timeless Timepieces

It’s no secret that women are attracted to guys that look like they have $$$.

To add a premium, luxurious feeling to any outfit, throw on a minimalistic leather watch. 

That pop of “expensive-looking” metal makes you look like a high-value man — without wearing a $1000 suit.

Pro tip: An overly flashy, clunky watch gives off “try-hard’” vibes. Instead, go for a timeless, understated style that’ll make you look confident and mature. 

Man sporting a jacket

2. Layering With Leather 

Ever wonder why the ladies simp over the “bad boy” in Netflix shows? It’s because they find this rebellious type sexy.

There’s one thing these characters all have in common; they’re usually wearing a leather jacket!

To achieve this rebellious look, shop for classic styles like biker , racer, or bomber-style leather jackets.

Man in leather jacket

3. Trendy Kicks

Whether it be Air force 1’s, Vintage Blazers, or Jordans, girls are loving guys in Nikes. You can’t go anywhere without seeing these trendy sneakers on someone’s feet.

Plus, these “high-platform” shoes give you that extra half-inch boost in height  —  perfect for all the short kings out there.

Nike shoes

4. Look Smart and Stylish in Glasses

Wearing glasses will give off smart, successful vibes and frame your face for a more “structured” look. 

Even if you don’t need glasses, you can still buy non-prescription frames. This accessory will help you achieve this intelligent-looking style and elevate your whole outfit. 

David Beckham wearing glasses

5. Suiting Up 

Women love men who look confident and powerful, and there’s no better way to do that than in a well-fitting suit.

James Bond in a suit.

6. Grey Sweatpants

One of the more interesting pieces on this list are tapered, grey joggers. 

The ladies said that these pants on men are equivalent to “the leggings guys love to see on them.”

Tapered joggers give you a slim, athletic look and a laid-back, chill vibe —  perfect for those “Netflix and chill” nights.

Michael B. Jordan in some tapered grey sweatpants.

7. Sun’s Out Guns Out

Last but not least, one of the sexiest things a guy can wear is a perfectly fitting top.

Instead of showing up in an oversized boxy tee, wear a slimmer, tapered tee that makes your body look amazing — especially your arms!

To really attract attention, neatly roll up your sleeves (2 rolls max). This adds an extra dimension to your look and reveals those guns!

Guys rolling up their sleeves

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Image comparing a guy wearing a regular shirt and an Aetos shirt

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There You Go,

Keep these 6 clothing choices in mind the next time you’re getting dressed for a date!


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