The Gentleman's Guide to Winter Layering (2023 Edition)

Winter is upon us. That means it’s time to layer up.

Now, most guys know the key to staying warm is having multiple layers of clothing. But how many know how to properly stack their winter layers?

Wear the wrong layers, and you’ll end up waddling around in a bundle of wool. Don’t wear enough layers, and you’ll be shaking underneath that jacket.

So to help you stay extra warm, here’s the 4 essential winter layers you need to keep out the chill, without looking like your Mom dressed you... 

1. Start with a Comfortable Base

The foundation of your warmth starts with lightweight top and bottom base layers.

Base layers should be close-fitting enough to wrap your body in its own heat while keeping you sweat-free. On top of that, they’re also a great way to keep a barrier between you and your scratch wool sweater.

For top layers, we recommend going with a high-quality long- or short-sleeve shirt that’s warm enough without adding on too much bulk. The Aetos long sleeve Henley is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a top layer you can wear on its own when it’s not subzero. Aetos also makes a short sleeve version as well, for those guys who like letting their forearms feel free.

If you get long johns or leggings, make sure they’re dry-wicking and fit snugly. The last thing you want is to be constantly readjusting yourself while you’re out and about.

2. Throw on a Sweater

Sweaters offer tons of versatility to your style game, especially when it comes to layering. From cardigans to hoodies and even turtlenecks, sweaters don’t just keep you warm — they still allow you to make a statement.

Nothing says warm, rugged, and comfortable to the touch like a wool pullover. It’s the one sweater you can break all the rules with, and makes you look like a rule-breaker, too. And if you really want to go for the rebel look, make sure you get a distressed collar — whether it’s slightly larger or just frayed is up to you. You also get the chance to make your outfit more dynamic by showing off your base layers underneath.

Hoodies are also a great middle layer if you wanna look cool without shivering underneath. Hoodies alone make you look like you’re coming back from the gym but add a jacket over it and you transform yourself into a rugged street kid. 

And of course, there’s the turtleneck. If you’re really bent on going for that turtleneck look, make sure you abide by this crucial style rule:

Your outfit must be fitted and/or tailored.

3. Find Your Jacket

Many people have their own definition of what a winter jacket “should” be.

Between heavy parkas, long overcoats, or even the popular puffer jacket, there’s many types of winter coats that can keep you warm. That said, some styles are more functional than others, depending on the circumstances:

Snowstorm outside? Stay toasty with an insulated puffer or parka.

Caught in the rain? Throw on a waterproof technical jacket that’ll keep you dry.

Dressing to impress? A double-breasted wool peacoat will get you “drippin’.” (Just make sure it’s not snowing or raining, though — it might soak into your jacket)

4. Yes, You Need a Scarf

Despite how “girly” you think they might make you look, scarves have long been the gentleman’s way of keeping his neck and chin from drying up in the winter wind.

When worn the right way, a scarf doesn’t just trap in all your inner warmth. It simply looks good across a wide range of winter outfits. No matter what your friends might have told you… chicks dig scarves.

Now, there’s all types of scarves you can get yourself. But if you want one that’s sure to keep you warm, always go for cable-knit scarves, and only stick to wool — especially Merino.


What winter outfit would be complete without a little bling?

In case you haven’t seen A$AP Rocky’s neck lately, men’s pearl necklaces are unequivocally cool now.

But if you’re not about to spend your next paycheck on a strand of pearls, then get yourself a chain necklace with a pendant. Necklaces and chains are a subtle way to juice up your style, and add a bit of shine to the rest of your layers.

There You Go!

Layering doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s a much warmer alternative to freezing to death in an oversized down jacket. Level up your cold-weather fashion game with these 5 essential winter layers.


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