Stop Destroying Your Fits: 4 Tips for Clothing Care

Most of us guys are clueless when it comes to “clothing care.”

This forces you to spend money on replacing your entire summer wardrobe every year.

To keep your favorite pieces looking brand new for 2x as long, here are a few “clothing care hacks” that’ll help you protect your entire wardrobe.

1. Go Wooden With Jackets

Because of the warmer season, you probably aren't reaching for your jackets anytime soon.

Since they’re going to be sitting in your closet for the next few months, take care of them by investing in a pack of wooden hangers. 

Clothes on hangers.

A wire or plastic hanger cannot support the weight of a heavy coat, but wood can.

Cheap, wired hangars “droop” in the long term because they can’t support the weight of these heavier pieces. This can deform the shoulders and neck on a jacket, ruining your whole look!

On the other hand, Wood hangers are more sturdy and don’t warp over time so that you can have a pristine-looking jacket year after year.

Wooden hangers

2. Fold Your Shirts

Shirts on the other hand, require a more delicate touch.

You might think it’s okay to leave your shirts hanging up in a closet all the time because it’s how the big, generic brands showcase their pieces in stores.

But in reality, this is because they don’t care about their clothes.

Leaving them on a hanger stretches out the collar and warps the shape of the shoulders. Over time, you’ll notice that your favorite, best-fitting tee will start to look sloppy and deformed.

Instead, fold them neatly and keep them in a drawer. This little track will double the life of your tees!

Folded clothes

3. Go Inside Out

While the washing machine is great for removing stains and getting clothes looking and smelling fresh, clothes take quite a beating while they’re actually in the machine.

The friction from your clothes rubbing together causes brighter colors to fade and those annoying, itchy fuzz balls to form.

Stop your clothes from giving off “worn out vibes” and protect them by turning them inside-out before washing. This makes sure that the “friction damage” happens on the inside of your shirt (the side no one will see) — keeping the outside looking fresh and new for twice as long!

Clothing with worn-out fuzz balls (fabric pilling)

4. Embrace the Cold

Have you ever thrown on your new, freshly washed shirt and realized it shrunk down an entire size. It’s probably because you used heat to wash and dry them! 

It’s a fact that heat shrinks cotton-based fabrics, and being tumbled-dried on high heat in the dryer causes unnecessary strain on the clothing.

To prevent any kind of warping in your clothing, wash with cold water and hang dry instead.

Fun Fact:  Letting clothes hang dry also helps get rid of wrinkles. Since the clothes are weighed down by the water, they naturally stretch to their original form, minimizing any wrinkles that may appear from drying in a crumbled position (like in your dryer).

Man doing laundry

5. A Trick From The Sneakerheads

Shoe trees don't just work for expensive leather dress shoes, but for any type of footwear you want to take care of!

Usually made from wood, these handy gadgets help your shoes retain their shape over time.

Invest in a few sets of shoe trees so that your whole rotation of summer sneakers will keep their shape and last another few seasons!

Shoes with a shoe tree in them.

There You Have It! 

Follow these tips to double the life of your entire wardrobe!

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