Our Signature Fabric

What makes Aetos Apparel so special? It’s all in the materials! We wanted to elevate the basic cotton t-shirt with our own custom-engineered fabric we call the “Augmented Stretch Fit Fabric” (ASF fabric for short).

3 things that ASF fabric is made of:


Pill-resistant Cotton

Generic brands use cheap cotton blends (usually containing polyester) that develop those itchy fuzz balls you see on your worn-out shirts.

Aetos pieces on the other hand, are made with top-grade, durable cotton that won’t turn rough and scratchy over time.


Beech Tree Pulp (Modal) 

Cotton on its own is naturally breathable, so it’s typically “good enough” for hotter weather. 

But “good enough” isn’t enough for us, so we took breathability to the next level by adding modal to the blend!

Made from beech tree pulp, this super-breathable, natural fiber allows air to flow freely through the fabric to help keep you cool.  It’s like a built-in air-conditioner for your body!



Inflexible cotton shirts can restrict your movement. Adding spandex helps create a smooth-feeling, comfortable fabric that conforms around your body to “move with you”. 

Spandex is a lightweight, stretchy material that helps shirts retain their shape. A perfect ingredient to create a comfortable, long-lasting piece.


Take a look a the reviews for yourself!

With these materials blended together, you’ll stay cool, comfortable, and stylish all year round in your Aetos Apparel.


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