5 Style Mistakes Not to Make (Again) This Winter

With the weather turning a bit chilly, it's time to step into your winter wardrobe.

The thing is, most guys don’t know how to dress in the winter without looking like they’re suffocating under a stack of bulky layers.

To help you stay on top of your style game going into 2023, here are 5 style mistakes that you need to avoid this winter — and what to do instead.

1. Oversized Sweaters

Most guys think that wearing oversized clothing keeps you warm. This isn’t exactly true!

That’s because the extra breathing room underneath means you’re less insulated against the cold winter air. Plus, drowning in a baggy pullover makes you look sloppy and bigger than you actually are. 

So instead of dressing oversized, wear a slightly slimmer fitting sweater that hugs your body. This will keep you warm without adding too much bulk. 

Pro tip: Be sure to switch up the style to keep things interesting. While hoodies may be the default choice for most guys, you can spice up your look with textured sweaters or even a tasteful turtleneck.

Man in a sweater

2. Buying Cheap Clothes that Fall Apart

The saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true for winter apparel.

Cheap fast-fashion winter jackets don’t actually keep you warm and rarely make it past their first winter. Instead, look for jackets that are insulated with down feathers and made with durable, water-resistant fabrics that will hold up in harsher weather.

Instead of spending money on cheap clothing, invest in quality items that will last through multiple winters and keep you warm year after year!

Man in a spiffy outfit with high quality clothes.

3. Buying the Wrong Materials

Beyond sizing, shopping for clothes made from winter-ready fabrics is just as important. 

Instead of cotton which is breathable, look for materials that better insulate heat like wool and polyester. Not only are these fabrics better at keeping you warm, but they also wick away moisture quickly.

Style tip: For a classy look, pick out a leather jacket or a pair of insulated leather gloves to help protect you from the elements while leveling up your style. This material is naturally water-resistant, while cotton will just absorb everything!

Man with leather gloves and a stainless steel watch.

4. Not Layering Properly

When it starts to snow, most guys bundle themselves up into a big ball of wool. Or worse, they don't layer up at all and wonder why they're shivering underneath their designer parka.

Here are 3 steps for layering properly:

Breathable base. Start with breathable base layers that are close-fitting enough to wrap your body in its own heat while staying sweat-free. The best materials for this layer are cotton or modal blends.

Middle insulation. Depending on how cold it is outside, you'll want to throw a thicker layer on top of your base for additional insulation. This is where a well-fitting sweater makes sense and can double as a statement piece for your outfit.

Thicc on the Outside. There are many types of winter coats you can choose to round off your layers. Just make sure you're picking the right option to match the weather. Snowstorms call for parkas and puffers. Rainy days are better suited for waterproof technical jackets. And if you're dressing to impress, you can't go wrong with a double-breasted peacoat.

Man in a flannel shirt jacket during the winter.
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