3 Exercises to Look Better in a Shirt In 30 Days

Spring is right around the corner!

Which means we’re close to shedding off our bulky winter jackets for our favorite tees.

To help you prepare for the upcoming shirt season, here are a few workout routines you can use now to help you look amazing in a shirt!

1. Sleeve-Stretching Arms

Even though biceps might seem like the most important part of your arm…they only make up about 30% of your arm’s size.

The real key to building “sleeve-stretching” arms is by focusing on two muscle groups — the bicep and tricep.

Here are two exercises to add into your workout routine to get fuller arms fast!

Rope triceps pushdown: 

Step 1. Set up a cable machine with a rope attachment. Make sure the rope only comes down to about chest height, so you’re able to get full range of motion through the movement.

Step 2. Grab the two ends of the rope with your hands and tuck your arms into your sides. Don’t let your arms sway too far from this position.

Step 3. Push the rope down and out, point the two ends of the rope away from your body on the way down. Focus on straightening your arm out rather than getting the rope to go all the way down.

Step 4. Once your arm is fully straightened, slowly let the rope back up. You want to keep some tension on your triceps as you return to the starting position.

Man doing tricep pushdown

Hammer dumbbell curls: The only difference between the hammer curl and the regular biceps curl is that you hold the dumbbells with a neutral grip to form a hammer with your arm.

This variation of the standard curl focuses heavily on your upper forearm muscle, known as the brachialis. Aim to do 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps for both exercises, at least twice a week.

Man doing hammer curls

2. 3 Heads Are Better Than 1

Excess fabric around the shirt’s shoulder area can throw off your entire look. The best way to fill in this area is by working on all 3  “heads” of your shoulders.

To build bulging delts, follow this 3-step shoulder routine! 

Standing overhead dumbbell press (front shoulder): Since your front shoulder tends to function closely with your upper chest muscles, you can start the circuit off with a heavy overhead shoulder press to build some power and strength. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Stand with your feet about hip width apart.
  2. Grab your dumbbells and hoist them up just above the front of your shoulders with just one end of each dumbbell facing forward.
  3. Press the dumbbells up directly over your head. Keep your elbows out in front of your body and don’t let them flare out to the sides.
  4. Gradually bring the weight down to the starting position. Try to keep the count to at least 2 seconds.
  5. Repeat for as many reps as you can.

Lateral raises (side shoulder): Pick up some lighter dumbbells for this next exercise, about half the weight you used for the overhead press.

  1. Stand again with your feet about hip width apart.
  2. Hold your dumbbells at your sides with a neutral grip.
  3. Keeping your arms straight — a slight bend is fine — lift the dumbbells up and out to about shoulder level. The key here is to think about lifting outward as opposed to straight up.
  4. Pause for half a second at the top to keep the weight from falling back down on its own.
  5. Slowly bring the weight down in a controlled manner, counting to 2 as you return to the starting position. Maintaining a steady tempo and contraction on the way down is key to building mass on this portion of your shoulder.
  6. Crank out as many reps as you can without sacrificing your form.

Underhand dumbbell upright row (back shoulder)Finish off with this twist on the regular upright row to grow out those rear delts. These might not be the most noticeable part of your shoulder, but building them out will help create that rounded, capped effect on your delts. 

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart and lean slightly forward.
  2. Grab your dumbbells and hold them by your sides.
  3. Pull the weights up toward your chest but outward and away from your body. You should feel a tight squeeze on the back and sides of your shoulders.
  4. Hold the squeeze for a second, and then gradually bring the weight back down.
  5. Repeat till failure.

Run through this circuit at least twice a week for noticeable gains!

Man holding a weight plate

3. Popping Pecs

If you want the type of pecs that pops out of your shirt, then you should focus on inclined bench presses rather than flat ones. 

This is because inclined bench presses hits the upper chest, a spot that most guys neglect.

Chris Evans showing off his chest

Here’s how to get a super-soldier sized chest: Adjust the seat height on your incline bench so you’re easily able to grab the bar.

Pinch your shoulder blades back and plant them into the bench. An easy way to do this is to think of Superman breaking open his shirt to reveal the “S” on his chest. Mimic this motion and your shoulder blades will naturally retract back and down into the pad.

Keeping your shoulder blades squeezed back against the bench, grip the bar just outside shoulder-width apart. Make sure your grips match up evenly on both sides of the bar.

Lift the bar off the rack and hold it directly over your chest.

Bring the bar down slowly to your chest, counting 2 seconds on the descent. Keep your elbows tucked in as the weight comes down to avoid putting undue stress on your shoulders.

Let the bar come down as far as you can without hurting yourself. Ideally, the bar should sit at least an inch off your chest, but this will depend on your flexibility.

Pause for a split-second, and then lift the bar in a straight line upward. Focus on feeling your chest contract as you press the weight back up.

Return to the starting position, but don’t lock out your elbows fully. You’ll want to maintain a slight bend in your arms to keep some tension on your muscles while also limiting the amount of stress on your arms and shoulders.

Repeat for however many reps you’re comfortable with!

When it comes to building muscle mass as opposed to muscular strength, you don’t actually need to lift heavy weight. As long as you’re able to squeeze out anywhere between 8-12 reps for 4 sets, this will encourage your muscles to grow in size!

Man working out in the gym.

There You Go!

Add these lifts into your routine and you’ll be ready to rock tees with confidence when spring kicks into full gear.

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