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From September 17th to 21st enjoy:

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When you buy any shirt + 1 Anywear Shorts (While supplies last)


How To Build Your Outfit

Grooming Kit

 The Forte Series Grooming Kit is a “must-have” for any guy who wants to elevate his hygiene routine.
Add this Grooming Kit to your travel bag and have everything you need to level up your look wherever you go.       

No-Mess Nail Clipper - Features a special “nail-clipping collector” attachment for a mess-free grooming session⁠.       

Precision Tweezers - These flat-tipped tweezers help you get closer to the skin and pull the hair from the roots.       

Grooming Scissors - Rounded, “poke-proof” scissors to help you trim sensitive areas without worry.⁠

Step 1. Choose Your Top

Choose any top from our augmented essentials collection. We offer a various selection of crew necks, henleys and polos in a wide variety of versatile colors.

What makes our tees the best around?

Augmented Tapered Side Seam: Carefully engineered to create the effect of an athletic physique without being tight around the waist or squeezing the body.

Custom-made materials : Aetos pieces are made with our proprietary ASF fabric, a mix of durable cotton, hyper-breathable modal and spandex.

Eclipse hem: Our functional  bottom hem reduces bunching around the waist for a natural, body-flattering, drape.

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Step 2: Chose Your Bottom

Carefully designed to be worn for any warm weather occasion, Aetos Anywear Shorts come in two effortless-to-pair colors, Midnight Black and Steel Grey.

What makes our shorts unique?

Belt-less Technology: Self-adjustable clips eliminate the need for a belt and give you the perfect fit–regardless of waist size.

4-way Stretch Fabric: Made with high-performance polyester for maximum comfort and shape retention.
Crotch-cradling Inseam

Crotch-cradling Inseam: Unique inseam panel for extra room where you need it most.

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Step 3: Claim Your Rewards

Once you have a top and short added to cart, you will be prompted to choose between black or white everyday socks .

After your choice is confirmed, a free 3 pack of Aetos Everyday Socks and 10% discount code will be added to your order!

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Drop 3: (TBD) 1x Hair Health Gummies, 1x Thickening Spray, 1x Hair Maintenance Serum, 1x Texture Powder

Drop 4: (TBD) Alex Costa’s new skincare brand 1x Moisturizer, 1 x Face Wash, 1x Exfoliant

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